Do you want to immigrate? Look for a job in MC Donalds.

When we came to Switzerland, we came as a family. We came, all 5 people, betting on the company we had started and that is going well, thanks to the effort of a good team. But by 2019, the company, that I am a partner, needed to save money to reinvest in the near future. […]

Employability in Switzerland

One of the most important elements in the search for a working position in Switzerland is the Arbeitzeugnis. Each time you go through a company, for a short or a long time, the company needs, when requested to deliver, to give the Arbeitezeugnis. But, let’s look at parts, before explaining exactly what this document is, […]

The immigrant and the entrepreneur

All immigrant carries an entrepreneur. Everyone who leaves their homeland toward a new life in a strange country is ultimately someone who undertakes the adventure of a new life. But in this text, I would like to make a distinction between the two. We live very close to Swiss patients with our cocky German, with […]


Switzerland is a country made up of free cantons. That’s to say, every canton is practically an independent country. In fact, the federal government has power only on some strategic points with, currency regulation, army, and civil defense. Even health and transportation are not run by the federal government, but by private landowners, the federal […]